THE NIGHTMARE A review of Sheraton Arlington Hotel

My sister made "guaranteed" reservations for me and my fiance as this was one two day stop on our trip to be married. Upon arrival, the clerk, Jeremy, asked how I would be paying for "incidentals". When I gave him my credit card he said "the credit card is not for Jan Baker". We were told we COULD NOT check into the room UNLESS Jan, my sister, came to the Wyndham with her credit card and ID as she was the one who made the reservation with HER credit card. First, this was a ridiculous policy. Second, it was not possible for her because she was having a party (which we were to attend) in her home (over 200 people), within the hour. I asked Jeremy to call my sister to verify and he stated "that isn't my job". I called my sister and gave the phone to Jeremy for her to tell him this was to be our room. He still would not release the room to us. I asked to speak with the manager and Jeremy responded that HE was the manager. When I then asked to speak with his boss, he said HE was the boss. When I tried to give him MY credit card for the room and told him to release her credit card from the reservation he said that could not be done as the charge had already been processed. We did NOT stay at the Wyndham although there were plenty of other rooms available there per Jeremy.Wyndham did not lose a two night rental, they lost a 200 night rental as word of mouth is the best advertisement.Had this reservation been our WEDDING GIFT from my sister for our WEDDING NIGHT in a Wyndham in Hawaii, would Wyndham policy REQUIRE her to PERSONALLY go to Hawaii with us to verify?There may be a plausible reason for this policy, although I see none.Having been in the customer service business for over 56 years in Oklahoma City I can appreciate a company policy that is customer friendly, the security policy that Wyndham Hotels has adopted is anything but customer friendly. The fact that your employee refused to try and find a solution to the problem shows a dire need for a review of yoresident Tull Overhead Door Co.

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