The Marriott's a fine choice in San Jose A review of San Jose Marriott

My wife, 8 year old and I enjoyed a night at the new but pretty San Jose Marriott. It's centrally located across from Downtown's Cesar Chavez Plaza (as are the Hyatt Saint Claire and the Fairmont). Our $139 rate covered the room, parking (normally $19) and a buffet breakfast for the three of us. The view from the 19th floor was as good as the San Jose haze allowed, and the room was nicely furnished (if a slightly odd L shape). The room had enough light, was dark enough at night and had a decently long bathtub (alas it was too cold to use the outdoor pool and hot tub). Beds were comfy. Four elevators meant short waits to get up to the room, even though the hotel seemed fairly (but not completely) full.

The valet drop off and entry is a bit of a problem, especially since they only have valet parking. They have so little space that they wind up parking cars on the sidewalk. Also because they unfortunately keep one ground floor door (the one closest to the plaza) locked, the only way in is through the parking area.

We asked for hypoallergenic pillows since my wife's allergic to feather pillows. This took two phone calls and wasn't done terribly graciously, though we did ultimately get all the pillows replaced.

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