The low point of a long trip A review of Kaibab Lodge

This should be literally be your last resort if no other accommodation is available within 50 miles - that's the only reason we stayed there in September 2004 and we won't be back.

First, the price was a ripoff. We paid $133 - "because it's one of our new units", they explained. Sure, the fourplex cabin was new, but as stark and unwelcoming as a hospital emergency ward. No carpets, no pictures, no phone, no TV, and beds that moved about on rollers on the hard cold floor as soon as you touched them.

The new owners had compiled a 3-page welcome brochure in a tacky cover was unique in all our travel experience.

After moaning about how much it cost them to supply water, and asking us to "only flush when neccessary" (some people flush for fun?), the owners tactfully explained that they understood if guests were moved to take some of their fine furnishings and fixtures, but they would then automatically charge the cost of said stuff to the guests credit card after they left.

Then followed a multi-page list of every item in the room, from chairs to towels to clothes hangers, costed out at grossly inflated prices.

For example, clothes hangers would cost you two bucks each, despite being the cheapest plastic crap available at Walmart for about $1 a dozen. And if you were moved for some strange resaon to walk off with the plastic wastebasket it would cost you $30, even though there was still a price tag inside the thing showing it had been bought at Pier One Imports for only $10.

Can't comment on the food. In the evening, we waited beside the usual notice at the entrance to the dining room which said "Please wait to be seated". The dining room staff totally ignored us despite a number of tables being empty. Eventually someone told us that we should have lined up to take a number, and explained the "waitresses were running behind". By then we were so ticked off we walked back to the cold comfort of our room, ate some food we had with us, and were relieved to put the place behind us at dawn the next day.

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