The Last Place To Stay... A review of Crescent Hotel Beverly Hills

I regret 100% staying at this crap hotel. I agree, the price was not

too bad for Beverly Hills (at $149/ngt.), but there was nothing great

about the hotel. From the start, most hotels have parking for guests.

All I found was valet. Then you enter a dark lobby/bar. The check-in is

in the corner and the employee behind the counter barely has room to

move. Second sign. Not that it matters, but most modern hotels have key

cards, not this place. They still have keys. You walk down a long

hallway (straight out of The Shinning), and to your room. Once you

unlock it, don?t try rushing in all at once. There is a refrigerator to

your left, then BAM, a bed on the floor. It?s to be very chic, but it

was more of an upset. The T.V., I admit was cool, but that?s about it.

The actual sleeping area was smaller then the bathroom. But the

bathroom had it?s own problems. On top of a very small room (the size

of a college dorm), it was NOSEY! You expect most hotels to have some

silence, not a ton. This place had NONE. People were running up and

down the halls at all hours of the night, up until 5am. My girlfriend

and I came back to our room around 12:30AM, and found the place

crawling with partygoers. Do they have some secret club we didn?t know

about? It was disgusting. Overall, this is the worst hotel I?ve stayed

in my life. They did nothing to quiet the place, after we called in the

noise. I asked for an extra pillow?never got it. Recommendation: Pass

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