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The Hotel Breakers has stood on the beach of Lake Erie for decades, and the old girl shows it. But charm and architecture only reminds the guest that this building has watched flappers to hippies to yuppies come and go. She is a rough cut diamond in a world of modern cement and glitzy lights and screaming rides. She is elegant and does her job. She houses the guests that rush off to ride the 120 MPH rides, get tipped upside down and soaked. She offers little more but safe haven, close and ready. I do not go to Cedar Pointe to eat at 5 star restaurants or rub sand into expensive carpets. I go to the park to ride 120 MPH rides, get tipped upside down and get soaked. And if I get tired, or need some privacy, the Hotel Breakers waits for me a few steps away. The room was outdated but quiet. Parked the car for two days and didn't need to move it. Loved watching the lights of the rides, the quiet of the park in early morning, and the rush of people as the park opened. Safe and convienent. The beach was refreshing, the pools comfortable. Staff was pleasant and professional considering they have a bunch of short wearing amusement park guests that are not likely here for a hotel experience. My only critical point? Wished the windows in the room opened and the ice machine worked. Charming and graceful- the old girl is never likley going to be a 5 star hotel with

fancy 5 star service. And if she ever becomes that- I won't find her

half as charming regardless of price.

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Breakers Express
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