The greatest place on earth! A review of Small Hope Bay Lodge

God must have spent a little extra time on this part of earth that we call Small Hope. I went to small hope for my honeymoon. The room was great. It was really close to the water, you could sit in your room at night and look out the window to a perfect view of the ocean and stars. But we never did that. Because, after dinner everyone sat around and shared stories and just had fun. There were people from all around the world. This included the dive masters and Jeff (the owner). Jeff and his staff were unbelievable. They are the best. You could not ask for better service!

When we arrived we were greeted with great service and taken to our room. Shown around, introduced to everyone, and meet Jeff and moose (great people). Moose told us about where they were diving the next day. We do not dive because of our ears and informed him of this. We were invited to snorkel above them. This turned out to be wonderful. The shallow dives were only about 30 feet and the water is so clear that you could see the bottom like it was 2 feet in front of your face. We snorkeled twice on what they call a shark dive, and wow, we still got up close and personal with the sharks. Everyone that did dive came up with this look on their face like they had just seen heaven!

The beaches were great as well. If you have ever wondered what a beach looked like if a human had never touched it, here is the spot. There is about 10 miles of beach that we walked and only saw one person and two dogs that were very nice. There were conge shells everywhere. It was as if this was your own island. One day we were dropped off on goat key. It is a small island. We snorkeled and were in amassment that we were here on our own island. This place and small hope is something like you would see on national geographic not something you experience yourself. A matter a fact national geographic did an article on andros island and small hope bay.

With all of this said, if you want to just get away to a quiet place with good people. This is the place. If you love to dive or snorkel. This is the place. However, if you want a big resort feel with lots of people, kiddy pools, and lots of shopping or air-conditioned rooms and room service. This is NOT the place. The rooms do not have air-conditioners but that was no problem. The ocean breeze and fans were enough and we were there in August. I can't wait to get back!!!!!!

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