The GREATEST experience A review of Paradise Stream Resort

This resort was more than we ever expected. My husband and I went here for our 5th anniversary last year. We had the cottages by the lake and they were GREAT. The service was excellent. And when they say "all inclusive", they mean "ALL inclusive." They gave us a bottle of champaigne when we checked in, AND a waiter flagged down my husband to give him back the tip he left on the table. See, even though it was all inclusive, we still thought we should tip. Oh NO. The waiter came running up behind my husband and told him he forgot his money on the table. My husband told him it was the tip, and the waiter said "Oh, no, sir. It's all inclusive. You don't leave a tip." SO COOL! The breakfast in bed was included and they were always on time and they gave you a quick courtesy call before they showed up. ALSO, they were SO quick to fix any problems. Even if they were the guest's fault. My husband and I put some bubble bath into the jacuzzi tub (BY THE WAY - DON'T DO THIS!), and bubbles just overflowed into the bathroom and the rest of the room. They were there within 10 minutes of us calling and cleaned up the room until it was spotless. They dried everything and even gave us coupons to use in the bar while they were cleaning it. All the employees were pleasant and helpful. Plus, there was SO much to do. Mini-golf, the nightly parties, the fun afternoon activities that you could win prizes for, snow-mobiling (we were too early to enjoy this, but they had the snow-mobiles right there), skeet shooting (you had to pay for your ammo), archery, game room, pool, hot-tub, rental movies. And it was all FREE! Great time, and, other than the two days we went shopping, we never spent any money! We are planning on going back next year!

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