The Goods and the Bads- our experience A review of Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa

When our family visited the Hyatt on April 5th to the 13th, we had a good time, but there were some problems. The rooms were old, tired, and had thin walls. However, after changing 3 times, we were able to have one overlooking the golf course- beautiful views! Be careful about getting one overlooking the parking lot. There are 5 pools and a small water slide. All are different temperatures, so you can always find one you're comfortable in. The waterslide is small and takes all of five to six seconds to go down, but it is still fun for kids (and in some cases, there parents too). Poolside service was a little slow, but the staff was nice. A plus: we were always able to get chairs in the shade. The spa and exercise facilities were excellent.Our family would probably not choose to stay there again for a few reasons; mainly because we felt we were paying a lot for a not-so Hyatt experience, but it may be fun for others.

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