The good and the BAD A review of Desert Pearl Inn

My wife and I recently visited Zion National Park and stayed at the Desert Pearl Inn. Our stay was perfect in every respect, until after we had checked out. Then our troubles began. Within a week, we were informed that a pillow was missing from our room and we would be charged $17 on our VISA bill. We immediately contacted the inn and told them that there had been a mistake. We had not taken or lost a pillow. Jennifer, the front desk manager, said she would check on the problem and get back with us. She didn't contact us, so we were forced to contact her, again. She told us that their records were reliable and a pillow was missing. We told her that her records were not reliable in this case, because we had not taken or lost a pillow. We then asked her what could be done to correct the situation. She said that nothing could be done and that we would be charged for the pillow. We then wrote a letter to the owners, Kent and Robin Palmer, explaining the situation and asking them to clear up the problem. They have never responded to our letter. This is too bad, because we had really enjoyed our stay at the inn and were planning to return on several occasions. Now all we can do is warn people to beware of staying at this inn. If you decide to take a chance and stay anyway, we would highly recommend that upon arrival and departure, you require the manager to accompany you to your room and count the pillows in your presence. You may even want to get a signed statement as to the number of pillows in the room. While you're at it, maybe you should require that all items be counted in your presence, because you never know what they might claim is missing--maybe even the bed or possibly the bidet!!! We know this sounds ridiculous, but otherwise you may see extra charges on your credit card after you leave this inn. You've been warned!

Shannon Odelberg and Lisa Urness

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