The Galt House is coming alive... finally! A review of Galt House Hotel & Suites

Just returned from a conference in Louisville and was pleasantly surprised at the renovation taking place at the Galt House. We were on the 15th floor of the East Tower and the room was PHENOMENAL! I have been staying at The Galt House for over 15 years and for 15 years I have been waiting for the place to get with the times. I told a collegue not to expect much, but was I wrong. In two years time, many of the rooms have been renovated and look great! Gone are the browns and yellows of the early 1970s. Elagance is the standard now. However, the lobby right now is nothing short of destroyed and convenience in check-in is lacking. Bell Hops were everywhere, but this was a state convention so that should be expected. Parking is attrocious, but we didn't have to pay... which is not what we expected. Signs say $5.00 with hotel validation... $12.00 a day if you forget to get validated!

There is now a pedestrian walkway all the way to the convention center... so inclimate weather is no longer an issue. All I can add now is, "Congratulations owners/management! It's about time!!!" I will definitely stay another 15 years!

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