The Concourse is the best hotel in Madison A review of Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor's Club

Madison is my hometown so we travel there often and always stay at the Concourse. We stay in the Governor's Club--the executive level floors at the top of the hotel which are generally only $10-$25 more than a standard room (we've paid between $125-$150 for a Governor's Club room over the years). All rooms on these floors have a view of the Capitol or the lake (perhaps with an apartment building under construction in the foreground--this is an urban hotel!).

The rooms are fine--clean, pleasant, not superlative--but the service is what makes this hotel great! The concierges (there is one desk in the main lobby and a separate one for the Governor's Club) know every restaurant in town and don't automatically direct you to the hotel dining room, the bell staff will shuttle you to any place within reason and the front desk folks will take care of any other request you may have.

No review of the Governor's Club at The Concourse would be complete without mentioning Jackson--the bartender in the private bar for Governor's Club patrons only. If a friendlier, more knowledgeable bartender exists, we have yet to meet him. Like the concierges, he can provide information on and get you a reservation for practically any restaurant in town and generally can tell you about a meal he's eaten at any of them within the past month. He doesn't force himself on those who don't want interaction but is always ready for a conversation otherwise. Cocktails and appetizers are complimentary in the Governor's Club bar from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. daily (as is breakfast in the morning) so, if you are a couple and accustomed to a cocktail or two before dinner, you can easily make up the Governor's Club surcharge.

We've traveled all over the world and stayed in many five-star hotels but we truly enjoy The Concourse for what it is--a very serviceable physical plant with a great staff of friendly, Midwestern kids (they all seem so young) eager to meet any needs you may have.

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