The Best of places/the worst of nights! A review of McMenamins Edgefield

I first saw the Edgefield during the summer. I was entranced by the artwork, the location, and the Bohemian quality of the place! Their brochure listed a "Rest And Relax" package that called to me -and a few weeks ago, I was finally able to answer the call. I reserved the "R & R" package for a Saturday night. My mother and I were driving to California the next day and it seemed the perfect way to start the trip. Our room was darling - a quaint combination of whimsical wall-paintings and austere furnishings. The queensize bed was comfortable and the fluffy white terrycloth robes were a nice touch. It would have been nicer if they'd fit...but I don't sweat the small stuff. The massage included in the R & R package was perfect - perfect room, perfect ambience, perfect massage therapist! The session started out, however, with a pagefull of medical history questions to be answered - and I hadn't brought my glasses! Also, I was annoyed at taking up my massage time by filling out this medical background. She gave me a full hour of massage anyway since mine was the last one of the day. I really appreciated that because she was very good! However, if you're getting a massage, ask for that medical history sheet when you check in-save yourself the time and annoyance. This package also included breakfast the next morning and that was a delight. The food arrived hot and delicious. I submit, though, that opera arias aren't the right music for a noisy breakfast crowd. All that could be heard was an occasional high-pitched screeching which added nothing to the otherwise tolerable level of human conversation. So, you're wondering where the "worst of nights" part comes in, right? On the night we stayed, there were three weddings and a birthday party in progress.

Depsite signs posted everywhere to please Be Quiet and Be Respectful of Other Guests, the place was unforgivably noisy! A group of young men sat on the fire escape outside our bedroom window talking and arguing till 3:30 A.M. I heard someone else ask them to be quiet and that person was booed and heckled by these young men, all of whom had been drinking for awhile. Someone else regularly went up and down the stairs next to our bedroom. I don't know how they managed it, but they sounded a lot like Frankenstein - a-rhythmic and incredibly heavy-footed! Young women went up and down the hallway (going to the bathroom, I assume) giggling and calling to each other in sleep-piercing falsettos. The icing on the cake was the Edgefield staff themselves - taking kegs to the party and dirty dishes to the kitchen - using carts with hard squeaky wheels that bumped loudly over the hardwood floors while the employees called out to each other - down the length of the hallway - what their next move was or should be. Why didn't I call the front desk and complain? There are no phones in the Edgefield rooms. They claim it's to promote a restful atmosphere! Would I go back? Absolutely.I've never seen anything quite like the Edgefield. But I'll make sure there aren't any parties or weddings planned for the same time I'm going to be there! The operators don't do enough to protect their non-partying clients from the party-goers.

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