The Best I have Ever Seen A review of InterContinental Thalasso-Spa Bora Bora

My wife and I just returned form our trip to the resort, which I must say the InterContinental Thalasso-Spa was the best I have ever seen. When we booked our trip we were told that the resort is still under construction and the resort will be having a soft opening; which meant there would be an adjustment period for the new staff and with the new facilities. However, even with the minor construction that still remained the resort was incredible. We have never experienced such beautiful surroundings, the rooms, the bluest water and the wonderful views of the mountain from our hut and around the resort.

The life style in Bora Bora is slow and easy, just what my wife and I wanted for our vacation. I will note that a few of the serving staff in the restaurants were slower than average or forgetful. However, the few people that were slow seemed to have disappeared by the end of our trip, or improved in their abilities. Mind you this was expected since we were informed that the first few months of the opening would be an adjusting period for the veterans and new staff, so it was not a surprise to us. My wife and I did meet the general manager who was quite nice. I also met the owner of InterContinental, who showed great interest in by feelings of the resort and was overall a nice person to talk to.

There are plenty of activities around the island to keep you busy for a while, jeep safari, snorkelling, shark feeding (which was a life altering experience if you go to Bora Bora I suggest you try this activity), wind surfing, para-sailing, canoeing and boat rentals. The fish were lively around our hut which was apparent through the glass bottom floor in our hut; if you feed them they will come. My wife and I did go snorkelling at one of the many locations around the resort that have coral areas, which seem to draw an abundance of fish. My wife and I actually saw an octopus during one of our snorkelling adventures. Even at the man made lagoon at the resort you will be able to see a variety of fish, so I suggest you try to snorkel in that area as well. If you do go snorkelling around the beach area and the day is a bit winding the waves caused by the wind will bring up the sand and thus you will not see much; however this is only in shallow water ( a couple of feet deep). This murky water appearance will also occur if you kick up sand yourself in these shallow areas.

The food at the resort was great; you will not get the standard North American cuisine at the resort since it is French and Tahitian cuisine. However, there is pizza, hamburgers and the most unbelievable french fries; you can find theses items on the lunch menu and these items are available through room service. We stayed long enough at the resort that my wife and I have tried everything on the menu. Some items of food were not to our liking, but the food itself was good. However, some of the foods that I did not enjoy other people at the resort expressed how these items were quite tasty.

The main service staffs at the resort were very helpful with every request we made; extra towels, shamposs, tooth brushes, plug power converter, turn down service, cart pickup and room service. The concierge staffs are quite informative and were helpful in helping us select our activities. The head concierge Jérôme is unbelievable; he will go to the end of the earth to try to fill out any request, he would even pick up special request items up on his day off.

Here are some suggestions: bring an alarm clock since the rooms do not have any clocks on hand. At least the alarm clock that you bring will let you get up early in the morning for any scheduled activities. Also, bring a cheap floatation device for you can enter the water from your personal deck off of your hut. Try the shark feeding it is great and finally, when you go for breakfast try the pancakes they are the best you will ever have.

In conclusion, the resort may have not been finished during my stay; however it did not affect my current review. I am going to go back to this resort in the future and I can not wait to see what it looks like when I return the spa will be finished, the tennis courts will be up and the gym will be complete. It was a wonderful experience and I suggest everyone to go there as soon as possible.

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