The Best Hotel I've Ever Stayed At A review of The Beverly Hills Hotel

I had visited the Beverly Hills Hotel several times over the past dozen years, but never to stay - only to eat at the famous Polo Lounge and to walk around the beautiful acres. A few months ago when I thought about what I would like to do for my 50th birthday this year, I thought I would like to stay at the hotel and experience it from the inside. I'm so glad I did. This hotel is heaven on Earth, and I don't say that lightly. I would rate it higher than 5 stars in every category if I could. I have stayed at the George V Four Seasons in Paris, Savoy in London, Peninsula Hotels, and Mandarin Oriental hotels, among other 5 star hotel chains, and The Beverly Hills Hotel matches the best and perhaps even tops them all. The rooms are gorgeous and comforable. We stayed in a one bedroom suite with private patio. ($970 plus tax) The room was very large. It had a marble fireplace and plasma screen TV in the living room & regular TV in the bedroom, and small TV in the almost-all-marble and very large bathroom), and the patio was as large as the room itself. The staff was GREAT. I was a bit concerned that they might be snobbish, but that was not the case at all. They treated us warmly and did everything we asked for. When I came up to the check in desk I was called by name. I was startled and said to the woman "How did you know who I was?" and she smiled and said playfully "We have our spies..." When the maid closed a book I was reading, she placed a bookmark with the name of the hotel which said "To remember your page." Two friends of mine called the hotel and ordered that a birthday cake and bottle of champagne be sent to the room as a surprise to me, and when it was delivered the room service personnel SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

(The cake was gorgeous and delicious. I can only think of two minor drawbacks. Yes, it's an expensive place to stay but considering value received I feel it was worth it. The exception might be shirt pressing.

When we arrived the bellman asked if any of our shirts were wrinkled and needed pressing, so we gave him a dozen or so. The bill turned out to be $11.00 - PER shirt. Ouch. A bit of a surprise. Also (and this is more funny than negative) we slept with our windows open because it was so quiet and the air smelled so good, but at 4am we both bolted straight up in bed to a sound that sounded like a water main had broken. It was was the automatic sprinkler system outside the windows turning on. They have to water the plants sometime and I suppose 4am is the best time to do ithat We just didn't expect it. The hotel's pool is spectacular and huge - and what history! Every star has sat around or swam in this pool. It's said that Katharine Hepburn once dove in fully clothed, and that Joan Crawford learned to swim in the pool. (Later, Faye Dunaway would learn how to swim a particular 1940's swimming stroke to prepare for the film Mommie Dearest). The pool guys were handsome, friendly and always helpful. I would highly recommend renting a private cabana ($175 daily) for the best experience. We rented one every day we were there after finding out how great it was the first day. There are only about a dozen, so call ahead at busy times to reserve one. You get a private cabana with two changing rooms, a bowl of fresh fruit, bottled water, four pool chairs for your private use and an umbrella if you want it. The people on the other side of the pool are not supposed to come into this private area. You really feel Hollywood laying by the pool in front of your own private cabana, looking up at the famous pink hotel. The hotel has a omplimentary limousine service from 9am to 7pm daily. It varies from stretch limo to Mercedes sedan to Rolls Royce. The driver, Carol, is terrific. Friendly and personable. We really liked her a lot. In the morning we would go out for a walk in the neighborhood, looking at the large Beverly Hills mansions. Then we would lay around the pool from 11 to 3, and after that go back to the room to read on the private patio or check e-mail (in-room high speed internet is free) or prepare for dinner. At night, we went to dinner nearby restaurants such as Spago and The Terrace at the Hotel Bel Air. The grounds of the Beverly Hills Hotel are spectacular, beautiful and quiet. Yes, the hotel is expensive but I felt it was worth every penny and I cannot wait to go back.

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