The beautiful and infamous atlantis A review of Atlantis - Royal Towers

i have stayed at the atlantis hotel, twice now. this past summer we stayed for six days, and five nights. and i think the hotel was the most beautiful one i've ever seen. the food may be pricey, but it's delicious. the employees are so nice, and thoughtful. there's always something to do there, it's almost impossible to be bored. once you stay here, you'll never find a hotel closely compared to it, because it's impossible. The rooms are beautiful, as well as the architecture in the casino, and in the shopping areas. we only had one problem, but it wasn't even an inconvenience, our rooms weren't ready when we got there, and had to wait an extra half hour - forty five minutes. The pools are extravagant, it was never over - crowded. the beach was beautiful, no trash or litter all over the sand. you can ride bananna boats, and go tubing on the water, while being towed by a boat. that was enjoyable, i encourage you to try that!

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Atlantis - Royal Towers
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