The Awful Atlantis A review of Atlantis - Royal Towers

We stayed at the Altantis Hotel, Royal Towers, between Christmas and New Year's this year. What a tremendous disappointment! While the hotel is expansive and the property spectacular, this over-prized, Las Vegas style mega-property is no more than a glorified Holiday Inn with exhorbitant prices! We were prepared to pay more to stay at the Atlantis during the ever-popular holiday week, but in exchange for paying nearly double the going rate, we expected a five star experience (our rooms started at $500 a night). Suffice it to say that the problems began at check in and continued throughout the duration of our stay.

Here is what you can expect if you go to the Atlantis hotel during the holidays: huge crowds (they were taking guests with confirmed reservations to another off site hotel because they had badly overbooked the hotel), poor hotel maintenance (i.e., missing door handle in the ladies room at the spa which resulted in being locked in the bathroom) including the grounds being strewn with trash from the pool cafes and broken glass, no available chaise lounge at the pool unless you get up at the crack of dawn to reserve one, incredibly expensive meals ($28 for breakfast buffet and up!up!up!; $10 for a cocktail), and lackidasical management, who couldn't care less what your complaint is because next week a completely new, gigantic group of people are headed to the hotel.

We frequent beach resort travelers and don't mind paying for a quality hotel and quality experience. Not one of the other guests we meet said they would return to the Atlantis and we feel the same way. Take our advice and skip this over-promoted, poorly-managed, extravagently priced, pink stucco nightmere! Don't be fooled by the pretty pictures, it's all image and no substance.

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