The Absolute Worst!!! A review of Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel St. Louis

This hotel, hands down, is the absoute worst that my husband and I have EVER stayed at. In our lives. I am a native to St. Louis, and am well aware of the yuppie stigma attached to the Clayton area, so I was expecting much more than what we received at this hotel.

As soon as you enter through the front doors of the hotel you are hit in the face with the the awful smell of stale, hanging cigarette smoke. Also, it was HOT in there. We looked at each other and asked "is the A/C on in this place?" We were in town for a wedding, and noticed three tables flanking the check-in desk with welcome bags. Well, two out of three had welcome bags on them. The wedding we were in town for had an empty table. I asked the front desk clerk where the welcome bags are for the wedding we were attending and she shrugged her shoulders and said, "well, we've seen people grab two or three at a time." As a newlywed myself, I am well aware of the time and money that goes into those welcome bags for the hotel to just place them on a table to allow anyone to walk by and snatch one. Or two or three. Couldn't the hotel keep the welcome bags behind the counter and pass them out as guests arrive? I thought that was standard procedure, at least it has been at all other hotel weddings I've attended.

We then proceed to our room in the even HOTTER elevator. I was beginning to feel light-headed in the elevator it was so bad. We get to our room on the "Club Floor" and I was stunned. The room was the smallest room I've ever been in! I couldn't believe my eyes, I felt like I was back in the dorms in college. And, on par, the A/C didn't seem to be working in our room either. We adjusted the temp to 60', but it didn't seemt to make a bit of difference. But the biggest surprise was the bathroom. Now, I am bit of a neat-freak, and bathrooms are especially important to me, but I was beside myself when I saw this bathroom. The corner of the tub was cracking away (see pic), the toilet had hair on the seat, and the toilet lid some peculiar stain on it, like red kool-aid had been spilled on it years ago, and the sink had hair in it as well. The room was so tiny that the bathroom door was weighted to swing closed because of the lack of square feet in the place. If the bathroom door was open, you could not enter or exit the hotel room. What a joke.

The rest of the weekend did not get any better. We never got our welcome bag, the smoke smell just got worse, and our room never cooled off. As soon you get off the elevators the bar is directly to your right so no matter what time of day you are accosted by smoke. It's 2006 folks, enough with the indoor smoke!!

One positive note, the attendant in the club floor lounge was wonderful. She was friendly, and keep the lounge cleaned and well-stocked during the breakfast hours.

If and when we ever stay in Clayton again, we'll head across the street to the Ritz-Carlton.

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