Thanks for sleeping with us! A review of Ace Hotel Portland

Not only was this place charmingly stylish in a plush vintage/industrial way, centrally located, possessing of a flattering and fun photo booth, connected to a great, weird restaurant (featuring slow-cooked vittles, delicious cocktails and large communal tables) AND affordable, but they also sent me some clothes i had forgotten in the hotel room (thanks for nothing, brain!) which arrived THE NEXT DAY! Seriously people, this place is rad. It's like everything you wish a hotel would be. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the room was clean, comfortable and quiet, it was cool without being pretentious, and the lobby smelled perpetually of coffee thanks to the attached Stumptown coffee shop (connected on the OTHER side of the lobby). (Plus, if you're feeling brazen, you can sneak out on the fire escapes and watch the free show down below.... but don't tell anyone where you heard that from...). The bathrooms are alittle weird, in that they are little more than toilet and a (nice claw foot) tub cut off from the rest of the room by mere curtains, but if you're not weaned on five-star hotels, and adaptability doesn't hinder your traveling experience, you barely notice. Also, all the rooms have little turntables, and a selection of old-timey records to listen to, which is nice. Totally comfy and welcoming, I kind of wish I lived there. Thanks, ACE!

Thanks for uploading the pictures you took, your review is great and it really captures what we are trying to do here, aside from the fire escape outing (the city gets on us about that). As for the mural we'll get an optional blindfold for the magician that can be pinned up on your way to bed, he freaks us out too. One thing to note for the readers, not all rooms have turntables. Some do, but not all, ask when making a reservation if you are interested in one.


Donald Kenney

General Manager

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