Thank goodess for your website reviews A review of Red Caboose Motel, Restaurant & Gift Shop

I have stayed at the Red Caboose before with my family and throughly enjoyed it.

I was checking out the reviews on this website and was shocked at the negative comments, but our family is planning a trip back in Dec. 2002 and the kids wanted to stay at the Red Caboose again (our last visit was quite enjoyable).

I was so glad to read in your review about the water problems and the possible closings.

I called the 800 number and the regular numbers listed---both were disconnected--the website for Red Caboose says they are closed until further notice, because of water problems!!!

Does anyone know what is really going on---are they going to re-open soon???

Let's hope they change their foolish ways and provide better customer service in the future...we would hate to lose a Family Treasure, like the Red Caboose Inn.

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