Thank God I Didn't Pay! A review of Doubletree Hotel JFK Airport

Our American Airline flight home from a short break in NYC was overbooked, so my girlfriend and I volunteered to stand down so others could go home, once we got on the "death-shuttle" to this hotel, i was beginning to worry that we might not even make it to the front desk (not a good start then!). Got to check-in at 22:55, with vouchers for a room, breakfast, and dinner (thankyou very much AA!), found dinner stopped being served at 23:00, so my girlfriend went to get us a table whilst i checked in, or so i thought! A couple of minutes later she returned to me far from happy for 2 reasons; the gift shop (which sold lighters, and she's a smoker so needed a cigarette having not had for 6+hrs) had decided to close early, and she was also told by a very rude member of staff that it was 5 to 11, yet the restuarant had closed, and the chef was sat down eating something, yet he still agreed they stopped serving food at 11. The man behind reception then gave us a cookie each, whilst he went and "sorted something". Over half an hour later we were eventually given some breaded chicken bits, and a few chips, yet told by a woman (who had decided to ring her manager and complain about the guests who had caused them this hassle of having to do their job, with just her back turned) that the voucher was only for $20 and we would have to pay the extra. Considering we weren't asked if there was anything we would like, or even shown a menu, this just added to the grief, so we decided to take a small parcel of this food to our room and let others, who had arrived a little bit later, have as well, as we had an early flight and needed sleep. A few hours later our misery continued as my girlfriend attempted to have a bath, yet the plug refused to remain in the plughole, thereby allowing all the water, she was trying to put into the bath, to escape. One positive though was checking out was quick and easy. When the shuttle arrived to take us back to JFK, the driver could not understand that we didn't have any luggage (as it was on it's way home!) and then proceded to drive rather eractically on the short trip to the terminal, one minute trying to emulate Michael Schumacher, the next driving like an 80yo pensioner!

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