Thalasso Let Down A review of InterContinental Thalasso-Spa Bora Bora

This was my second trip to Bora Bora and was very excited about staying at the new InterContinental. I was very impresed with the resort, and the rooms were absolutely beautiful. The views of the mountain and the blue waters were astounding, but as the old adage goes, "never judge a book by it's cover." Everything was great until we discovered the lack of fish for snorkeling, and even if there were fish, we would not have been able to see them through the milky water (proabably due to the sand from all the new contsruction). We were also told that the food was "amazing," but we spent $300 on dinner that we didn't even eat because it was so bad. The tables were also so close to each other that it felt like we were eating in a cafeteria. We had to call over three times to the front desk to get someone to come do turndown service for a third person. We were even hung up on. No, we were not being rude or insensitive in any way. We were simply asking for some bedding so we could go to bed! The next morning we decided to talk with the manager, but we never ONCE spoke to him. Instead, we were "pushed off" to the concierge. Although he did try to get us to stay and give the hotel a chance, we felt that for the same price we could be over at the Bora Bora Nui where service is first rate and the staff is delightful and helpful (see review). Upon checkout, the manager just stood back watching us and not once did he say a word! The resort is beautiful and I am hopeful that in time, service will get better and the fish will come around, but I wouldn't reccomend ANYWHERE but the BORA BORA NUI. It is truly the BEST resort in Bora Bora!!!!

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