Terrible, terrible, terrible A review of Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel St. Louis

I am shocked and dismayed by the people who rate this hotel as "Excellent". I don't want to be insulting, but it is beyond belief that anyone could possibly rate this hotel anything other than "DISMAL". I do not travel for business, but over the past 35 years I have stayed in a numerous hotels and motels across the country and this one ranks among the biggest disappointments. Do not be fooled by the opulent lobby with the 3 bellhops. It would appear that these are left over vestiges of days gone by when the Clayton Plaza must have been a classy hotel providing fine rooms and service. But not today. First, I must concur with an earlier reviewer regarding the size of the hotel rooms - they are by far the SMALLEST hotel rooms I have ever seen. After bumping into furniture and suitcases, we decided to move the desk chair up against the wall so we could get past it without tripping. And the bathroom was TINY and NARROW. I could not even dry off after a shower without banging my elbows into the walls and door. I would guess that at one time our room was part of a full-size room which got rehabbed and reduced in size by 2/3. But how much space does one need when you are really there to sleep? That's when we discovered the MATTRESS problem. The mattress was kind of "V" shaped. No matter how hard my wife and I tried to stay on our own side of the mattress, it was impossible. We kept rolling into the middle of the bed and then would struggle to roll back to the outside. I finally fell soundly asleep only to be awakened at 3:00AM by the blaring of a clock radio coming thru the wall from the VACANT room next door. I never really fell back to sleep that night. When we left our room for breakfast the next morning, our neighbor's dinner trays were still sitting in the hall from the nite before. We came back from breakfast, showered and left for the day and the trays of rotting food were still sitting in the hallway. I certainly wouldn't have expected this from a Sheraton. Stay away from this hotel. There are much better ones in the St Louis area.

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