Terrible Service - stay somewhere else A review of Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel

I got stranded in Charlotte this past weekend due to the bad weather in the Northeast and had the misfortune to have to stay 2 nights here. The hotel itself is passable and the rooms are not too bad but the staff and the service here totally suck!! Just a few examples:

(1) Staff at the check-in desk not having any idea how to use the computer system

(2) Room service was apparently open until 11.00pm (and a very limited menu until 2.00am). When I called at 10.30pm I was told that they had "closed early" because it was so busy and got a real attitude from the staff when I asked if they would just bring up some bottled water. I had to ask room service for this because the vending machines had sold out of water!!

(3) Put the breakfast card on my door handle on Saturday night. Got up the next morning and found no-one had bothered to collect it.

(4) The "deluxe" continental breakfast on Sunday morning consisted of a single muffin, a small bowl of mixed fruit and an unpeeled banana. Possibly the smallest continental breakfast I've ever seen!! However the same breakfast on Monday morning was reduced further to only a muffin and a small bowl of fruit (no banana).

(5) Given I was stranded in this crummy hotel I thought I would watch a movie in my room on the in-room entertainment system. No such luck. The system was not working when I arrived on Saturday and never did work the whole time I was there. I called the amusingly titled, "Guest Services Helpline" and they said they knew about it and had reported it to the technical people. However no-one ever called me back to tell me what was going on and it never was fixed.

I stay in a lot of hotels around the country and this is one was one of the worst run hotels I've seen. The majority of the staff just seemed very poorly trained and un-motivated.

I would NOT recommend this hotel to anyone.

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