Terrible hotel staff and service. Location no timesaver. A review of Marriott Houston Airport at George Bush Intercontinental

Since our flight was so early, we decided to return our rental car the night before and stay at the Marriott right at the airport to save as much time as possible. While the hotel was okay (clean room, dark and quiet) the attitude of the staff was unhelpful and nearly insulting. The hotel was experiencing problems with their escalators and some elevators. No staff were posted at key positions to assist arriving guests (including many elderly travelers)as they got off the underground tram from the airport and tried to figure out how to get up two floors to the lobby. The front desk staff were annoyed and unknowledgeable when we asked which elevators were in service.

Since a big sign directed guests to use the service elevators, we hauled our luggage through the laundry room and, when we reached our floor, out of a kitchen, only to find an irritated hotel employee who told us the signs were old and our elevators were now in serivce.

Anyway, do yourself a favor. Save some money and go stay at another airport location. I thought we would be saving a lot of time being right at Intercontinental, but the underground tram takes almost as much time to and from the terminal as a nearby hotel shuttle would and, if you are lucky, you will be met with a much more professional and helpful staff!

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