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The Hotel is not for anyone seeking good food and wine. The quality of both is terrible. Pork was regularly offered with blood dripping from the chop bones and all the fresh food is fried not grilled. You cannot buy a bottle of wine in any of the Hotel bars or restaurants. The Cabo Verde "speciality" fish restaurant is particularly bad with all the "fresh" fish fried and then laid out on large plates to become cold before you can eat it. This applies to all "hot" food and it is amusing to watch all the guests waitng for something to be fried and then the rush to get it.

Senior management in the Hotel do nothing to address complaints about the food, the lack of service (there is none you have to serve yourself in all the restaurants) theft from rooms, laundry going missing etc etc etc.

Within 24 hours of arrival we discovered that (if you are persistant) you can buy Cava at reception but you must have it delivered to your room and then take it to the bars and restaurants with you each evening!!!!

I managed to get (and keep) one of the few ice buckets they have and carried it with me every evening. Lots of guests approched us full of envy asking us where we found the Cava! They were desperate to find something other than the wine from the taps to drink.

Christmas dinner was a farce. One of the managers took us on a tour of every (120+) tables in the restaurant and still did not find our table that we had booked for 6 of us. The Hotel had made us queue for 30+ minutes to book a table before Christmas day and then we had to queue for another 30+ minutes to get into the restaurant. It was mayhem. There were long queues at every serving point and in the end I had smoked salmon to start, smoked salmon and chips for my main course and smoked salmon and cheese for desert. The "chefs" were frying pork but it was raw in the middle and the turkey (processed not fresh) was so overcooked it simply fell apart but anyway it was cold so no-one wanted to eat it!!

The Management Team were in attendance but all they could say was that they had never tried to do a reservation sitting and would not try to do it again!! They were told about the raw pork but did nothing and the raw pork was still offered to guests. We returned on the 28th December and from the 8 couples on the sharabang back to the airport (not a bus by any European standatd) at least 3 are instructing solicitors to act on their behalf to claim compensation from their tour operator. We paid to upgrade to Star Class on the flight but it was like cattle class. A standard Easyjet flight is like British Airways 1st class in comparison. In my opinion the tour companies are hiding behind the fact that Cape Verde is 3rd World and they have downgraded their offering accordingly. It is not even close to European 4* it is closer to 2* It is simply sub standard in every way.

I would not go back to the Rui Garopa even if you paid me to go. Avoid it like the plague.

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