Terrible Customer Service on Valentine's Day A review of Hilton Seattle

As a surprise for my wife, I reserved at the downtown Seattle Hilton Hotel for Valentine's Day (2004) an executive suite with a high-floor city view (best they had for @ $200). When we arrived at 6:00 pm, the front desk told us that they had overbooked the hotel and we're putting us up (free-of-charge) in another hotel.

The obvious question is why would a hotel overbook? They know the quantity of rooms they have to offer and all reservations are guaranteed with the guest's credit card.

They sent us and our bags several blocks out of the hotel distict to a hotel that is part of Virginia Mason hospital (The entrance is 15' feet from the ER entrance, complete w/ 24 hour a day sirens).

The room at the "Inn at Virginia Mason" rented for $106 a night, which is what we got: It had a view of the brick building, no room service past 9:00, no bar, exposed pipes in the room, etc.. A comfortable room for $100, but not the place to spend Valentines Day.

I called several other Seattle hotels (Westin, Hyatt, W) and they all had rooms available, only they were more expensive than the Hilton ($340.00 at the Hyatt). So why did the Hilton put us in a $100 per-night room?

I left a message Saturday night with the Front Desk Director requesting a return call. As of Monday, no word from the Hilton.

Needless to say that I do not recommend the Seattle Hilton, and this is from a Hilton Honors Gold member!

Try the waterfront Marriott, Grand Hyatt or Westin for good customer service.

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