Terrible customer service/deceptive billing practices A review of Clarion Inn Historic Strasburg Inn

Right from the start, avoid this place, PERIOD. Our "vacation" started on a Thursday morning. My wife and I wanted to get away just for a few days. We pulled up the Netherlands on the internet, and agreed it looked like a nice place to enjoy the village of Strasburg from. A call was placed, and we were offered a two-night package in a suite with a jacuzzi. the package included breakfast each morning, a dinner for two in the "Bistro", the hotel's restaurant, 2 tee-shirts with the hotel's logo on it, and a frisbee. The price was right, and we packed and made the trek out there from North Jersey.

Upon arrival there, Tony, the man at the front desk, took my credit card, and had me sign a form saying that the package price was "SPECIAL".

Everything seemed fine until the next morning when I tried to use my card for the Railroad Museum, and was turned down. I called my bank and found out that my account was not only maxxed out, it was over the limit!!! The bank rep said that there was a $1600 hold placed on my account by the Netherlands Inn!

I called the Inn and asked what they were doing placing a $1600 hold on my account, and the woman apologized, and took my Bank's info, and promised to take care of the problem, and to call me back when everything was OK. She called back a half-hour later, and said that it would take a half-hour, and then the card would be OK to use.

THREE HOURS LATER, I check on my card, and it is STILL in negative status. I am unable to purchase ANYTHING. I go directly to the hotel, and I watch as the woman in front of me, who also has a suite with jacuzzi, is billed a $150.00 markup on her room, because "it is a suite". She explains that when she made the reservation, she was told that she could have any room that was available if she takes a "package". This sounds AWFULLY FAMILIAR, because I was told the same thing as well.

My turn came, and immediately I asked how much was MY room rate? The answer was more than THREE times what was promised to me over the phone. I argued that this is not what I was promised over the phone, and stayed there until they promised to change the amount back.

Then... I wanted to know why my card was being tied up for $1600, and why nothing was done to remedy the situation over the past four hours. They called my bank, but it was 4:30PM, and the billing dept. at the Bank closed at 4PM. NOTHING could be done until Tuesday (Monday, Labor Day Holiday).

I had no money, and they were unwilling to do anything about this. I left home with my wife that evening. They refused to honor the AAA discount, and I had to give up my dinner reservations, because they were set at 9:00PM, and I didn't want to be driving 2 1/2 hours around midnight.

I am SO SORRY we saw this place on the internet and decided to give them our business when there are so many other businesses willing to EARN your money.

It is now Saturday, and my card is STILL being held up by this place.


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