My wife and I made reservations fifteen days before our stay was scheduled. A week later (week before our stay) I called to cancel my reservation due to a military deployment. I was told that I would be charged half of the package since I was canceling inside of 15 days. When I explained that I was never told about their cancellation policy, the employee told me it didnt matter, they were still going to charge my credit card. I then explained to them that I would be able to come later the next month. She said that even changing the reservation didnt matter, I was still canceling the first, and she will still have to charge me. Later that day I called back to speak to the hotel manager. I was rudely told that the manager didnt have time to speak to me, and I would have to speak to the night manager. When the night manager finally got on the phone she told me she was busy and that she would call me back. An hour later I received a call from the night manager. I was then told that the policy is written in stone and she was unable to forgive the charge. I explained that nothing was told to me when I made the reservation, nor was it on the website. She said she would talk to the employee that took the reservation and find out if she remembered telling me the policy and she would be calling me back within two days. Days went by with no phone call. Finally two weeks later I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau for failure to publish this policy. Several weeks later I received a letter from the Better Business Bureau. With it was an attachment from the hotel filled with lies. They claim that they tried to talk me into changing my dates. They also said that the original employee remembers talking with me and that she knows she told be about the cancellation policy. They then went on to say that they tried several times to reach me, even leaving a message with my wife (lie!!!). I have been very nice to these people, almost too nice. I dont know what else to do, I cant afford to pay $250. to a pme thinking about staying in this place. They dont seem to be very customer driven. They are out to make money anyway they can. What bothers me most, instead of allowing me to change the reservation and making money (easily $700-$1000) they took the easy $250 and turned me away forever.

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