Tan-tar-a in the Spring A review of Tan-Tar-A Resort, Golf Club, Marina & Indoor Waterpark

I spent one weekend the last week in March 2004 at Tan-tar-a with my significant other and two 8 year-olds. It is an older property, but appears to be clean outside of a little dust in corners--that sort of thing.... We had a one-bedroom cabin-like suite with balcony and a view of the lake. It also included our own barbeque grill and a kitchenette.

The location of the resort is very very nice and relaxing. I was a little put off about the card in the room that alerted us to the creepy crawler problem (including scorpions and brown recluse spiders--but then again, it is a lake property); however, I can appreciate their letting us know. I kept looking for bugs and shaking everything out the entire time we were there. No shoes on the floor for us. Didn't want anything crawling in them. (Needless, to say, I was probably a little over paranoid.... Too much living in the city) We left 70 degree weather in KC and in the 3.5 hours it took to get there, it was raining cats and dogs and about 20 degrees cooler. We checked in and went to dinner at the Win-Rose restaurant. It was a very romantic setting; unfortunately, we were both served spoiled steaks. I was surprised since the salad and bread basket were good. My strip steak smelled so awful that I didn't even have to bend down to smell it. However he tasted a bit of his filet mignon which he did not swallow because it tasted spoiled. We sent the steaks back. And didn't reorder any replacements. They took off the cost of the 2 steak dinners, but we felt that the entire dinner should have been on the restaurant. We were rally disappointed. I had printed off the menu on-line two weeks earlier. The chef should have clearly smelled those steaks while they were cooking--the smell was that bad!!! We figured the original cost of the check would have been about $95. I sampled the kids' spaghetti and chicken fingers seemed to be okay though. After dinner the kids and I enjoyed the last two hours of the waterpark while Mr. Adult Male went stayed in the room for some R&R and a Burger King combo to for dinner.

The waterpark is somewhat small, but the kids enjoyed themselves.

Needless to say, a trip to the Burger King for ice cream was a nice treat for the kids! Burger King and Sbarro's pizza were both very convenient. You can even get breakfast at Burger King if you don't want to the the sitdown restaurant.

Later that night I sat on the deck by myself and noticed that the sky had cleared up completely. The stars and full moon were beautiful against the sparkling lake. The peacefulness and calm I experienced was wonderful! The following morning, after a few clouds that apparently came in during the night had burned off, the sun was shining and it was 78 degrees all day. Just perfect and beautiful!!!! The kids and I ate at the breakfast buffet at the Black Bear Lodge for $9.95 adult price and $4.95 child price which was fresh and good. We ate our fill and went to the Premium Outlet Mall. The prices were really great! We returned to pick up the late sleeping adult male after noon and went back to the mall. By the way, he told us he found a brown recluse spider in the folded and hanging towels when he showered. Yuck! Glad it wasn't me.... We ate dinner at Bentleys steakhouse. It was pretty good.

We returned to the resort a little after dusk and and did the waterpark again. I got a chance to see more of the resort as I couldn't find a soda machine. That was really inconvenient. It took me almost an hour to get a Coke. The outdoor pool(s) and marina will be nice once it is warm enough for them to open. On Sunday morning we woke up to overcast skies and a constant rain. I didn't want to leave, but it was checkout time. We ate again at Bear Lodge. They were serving brunch for $15.95.

It was also very good. A great selection for the price. I'm used to paying double the price for brunch. But it was simple and fresh.

Before breakfast, we used the express checkout in our room via television, that was great. The resort was nice. I enjoyed it. Outside of the bad steaks in the Win-Rose, there was that vomit smell in the bathroom area that was mentioned in one of the other reviews. I wonder if it was bug spray or something they clean with--maybe we just got the same room.... but it aired out somewhat as we left the door open to the deck quite a bit. I only saw one other bug, a brown spider on the ceiling on Saturday nite--remember I was looking for bugs... I couldn't tell what kind it was... I left it to the man of the house....

Oh, and the Black Bear Lodge also has an all you can eat buffet dinner, we didn't get to sample that, but the menu's we saw looked great--one was an all you can eat prime rib buffet! And if the dinner is as good as the breakfast, you couldn't go wrong. We will definitely try the lodge for dinner next time.

Would I go back again? Definitely. I would just request another room if the smell was there again. The layout and activities of the resort are very nice. It's a little pricey, but if rustic accommodations and convenience, rest and relaxation at the lake with activities for the kids is what you are looking for, Tan-tar-a is has it. I am pleased with my weekend! We are going back with a group of friends and family in a couple of months when the pools are open and the sun is shining every day....

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