TAKE IT FROM A TRAVEL AGENT--DO NOT STAY HERE A review of Sheraton Kansas City Hotel At Crown Center

I stayed at the Hyatt in Crown Center on 7/16 for one night with my pal, and our fiancees. I have stayed at almost every hotel in the Plaza and Crown Center in the last 20 years. The Hyatt was my worst experience yet, and I am a very reasonable person. I deal with customer service every day, and I know what people expect during their travel.

The front desk staff are rude. They have 5-7 twenty year olds employed, and they are all TERRIBLE. I called the concierge to make a dinner reservation at a restaurant in the Plaza for the 4 of us. The guy at the desk, "Billy", was another RUDE, and REDICULOUSLY INEXPERIENCED guy. He acted like nobody had ever asked him for anything before, and told me that he would try to make a reservation for us. After FORTY FIVE MINUTES OF WAITING, I called back down to good old Billy. I said, "Hey there, have you found out if you could get us in?" He bumbled for words, and finally said, "They don't take reservations." Well, I happen to know that that is B.S. I have gotten reservations at this particular restaurant 4 times, and I know for a fact that they take reservations. In a sarcastic tone, I thanked him for letting me know so quickly, and Billy hung up the phone. Later that night, we requested 4 wine glasses, we were told that it would take an hour for them to be delivered to our room, so we used the wonderful paper cups that are provided in the rooms.

The next day, I called and asked for TWO TOWELS. The housekeeping guy took a deep sigh, and said, "We'll get them up there in a few minutes." IT TOOK 50 MINUTES TO GET TWO TOWELS!!!!!!!!!

I am telling you now, this hotel is a junkyard. Again, I am a travel agent, and I know hotels, and I know how they USUALLY operate. The Hyatt is not a good place to stay, and I WILL NEVER stay at the property again. I honestly wouldn't stay there if it were free.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HOTEL IN K.C., STAY AT THE FAIRMONT. They will take care of you, get you dinner reservations, act courteously, and treat you like a guest. It is a little bit more expensive, but it is worth every penny.

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