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Having returned from canceling our full stay at Chez Pierre, I would just like to make sure you understand the reality of this resort. It IS remote !!! It IS private. And it IS a long way from anything else of interest . Plan on using a whole day if you are scuba diving,as our group was, plus add the cost of taxi or rental car. MAINLY, IT IS BASIC !!!!

Do not go with a group expecting hang out if you go in the off season like we did! There is absolutely no shade. There was a sign posted at the restaurant/bar/porch ( the only place to go beside your cabin)that you had to buy your drinks from them ! Mosquitoes were horrible. Not their fault. But no where to go to avoid them except sitting in your own cottage. Luckily I had brought a little bit of duck tape to close the long crack in the screen frame. It was too hot to use the mosquito netting provided for the bed.

I have reread their web site, and no where do I see where it mentions the brackish water. After reading about it on this web site, they confirmed this with me... after we paid our deposit. ...and after the 60 day cancelation notice. Read "salty" water, after being in the salt water all day ! Bring your own soap, or be prepared to BUY it from them. But 3 days without a clean towel is not so bad, IF you weren't wiping off salt water ! Be prepared to buy your ice from them, too. They had half a little ice bucket available, for 4 people, the day we arrived, at the cost of $ 2.50 .Soooooo...the prices looks cheap, unless you figure in all the add ons, but believe me it is just a step above camping. Excuse me, a piling just be aware.

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Chez Pierre Bahamas
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