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Stopped here for 2 nights along the way to key west. We got there a little early, and the long haired guy wouldnt let us check in early, even tho the room was clearly ready. So we just drove the 20 miles down Route 1 to Bahia Honda state park, which was excellent. Amazing beaches there, but there was a lot of sea weed when i was there. You had to cross the angle deep seaweed for about 20 feet, and than there was an excellent sandbar, with crystal clear water. Anyway, we got suite 18, which was what seemed to be, a newly refurbished room, with carpeted dining and bedroom, and nice kitchen, with EVERYTHING you can imagine a kitchen to have. I mean there was an electric beater, crab claw hammers, forks, fishes, EVERYTHING. The owners really stepped this unit up, and made it a very enjoyable place to stay at this hotel. They left books, videos, a vcr, nice room decorations, awsome flat screen tv with about a million channels. Beautiful comfy kingsize bed, cool dolphin lamp. This was the perfect room.

The only thing about this motel, was the service. The front desk was closed except from 9-5, so if you had a problem, you were out of luck. Also they gave you about 750 rules to adhere to, like Quiet hours, and no toys in the pool, or chairs on the beach, but i think this was just a liability type thing, because noone seemed to follow the rules. They had an EXCELLENT beach which is rare in the keys, clean, small, and crystal clear. Two Nice Weber BBQ's under a cool Tiki hut, which everyone, including myself seemed to take advantage of. Great guests too. They were friendly and kind. We all shared BBQ recipes while grilling, and tried each other's creations.

It all depends on which efficiency you get tho. We were lucky and got this one, but some others seemed nice, but not as nice as ours. Oh there was also a porch, but the view was ok, just of the condos next door. Be careful in KCB, the speed limit is 25 mph, on ALL roads, and the police are not shy to hand out speeding violations.

There isnt much to do in KCB, which makes this hotel an enjoyable, relaxing place, where there is no need to really leave the property, other than going down the street to publix for some Meat to BBQ, and beers to drink.

ill add photos of the place once i get them uploaded!

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Continental Inn
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