Super 8 (but dirty) in Renaissance Clothing A review of Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel

The good news is, they did not break into our rental car, or steal anything from our room while we were staying there. The bad news is, despite being a Renaissance, this place had an overall feel that made me think such an event might be possible. While it is a high-rise hotel in the scenic bustling metropolis that is Columbus, the view even from our high floor room was of a fairly depressed industrial landscape.

The room itself, even though a non-smoking room with a sign on the door to prove it, smelled faintly of old cigarettes and older 70's decor. The furniture (old), bed (saggy), bathroom (dreary), carpet (worn), wallpaper (spotted) would have been just as at home in a beaten-down Super 8 motel by the side of a nameless highway in the middle of nowhere than they would have been in a notional 4 star hotel.

The fitness center did appear modern and well equipped, but the pool deck complex with frightful little film-covered hot tub was like something out of a Kubrick movie. We did not swim because we feared for our health (seriously).

I echo the sentiment of the person who said restaraunts near the hotel close early - we had to eat at a creepy little deli two blocks away, after walking passed throngs of people who appeared to be living on the streets near the hotel (this was not due to a dearth of places to eat - we walked past many - but they were all closed on the weekend). All in all, I paid far too much for far too little, up to and including the $22 valet parking at a place with ample - FREE - weekend on-street parking outside the door. Marriott should be ashamed to have hung their name on the door.

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