Sufficient and adequate A review of Outrigger Fairway Villas

We stayed at the Fairway Villas which is the one of the newer condo complexes in the Waikoloa Beach Resort area. We didn't rent thru Outrigger but thru a local company that manages a few units (Abbey). There were 8 of us and we rented 2 units side by side - they were each a 2BR/2BA plus an extra loft and were very nicely furnished by the owners. There was no daily maid service but we had a nice dishwasher and laundry appliances in the units.

Parking is a bit of a challenge during peak season. There are supposedly assigned/reserved parking but it's basically mayhem b/c people park whereever they please. We were on the 3rd floor and pleasantly surprised to find that there were elevators to help us.

We concur with all the other comments - the pool is small, cold and gives you a view of one golf course and a local shopping mall (granted a nice mall). The units are well constructed - you can't really hear noise from adjoining units. The one thing to be wary of is that the lawnmowing/groundskeeping crews are up at 5AM so if you are next to a putting green, beware.

It's easy to "sneak" into the Hilton and the Marriott to spend time at their pools and beaches. But there are far better beaches further north. It's just if you want a better pool experience. Dining and shopping is abundant in this neighborhood. And the golf is good as well.

In general, if you are self sufficient, then this location and accommodation should more than do the trick, especially if you get the right unit.

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