Stunning!! A review of Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas

This is a gorgeous hotel, with an open air lobby and a knockout pool. We booked a room with its own private pool, but honestly, probably wouldn't do that next time. The resort pool is so magnifient, there really is little need for anything else. I personally, though, would recommend a room in the back of the hotel, unless you really enjoy seeing a lot of people swimming by your room.

The room decor is beautiful, and includes a full kitchen with large washer and dryer. Very handy in the tropics. Our room, however, did not get restocked with shampoo on the second night. In fact, we only had one bottle of shampoo for our two bathrooms. This was uncharacteristic of the very high standards we found at Sea Temple.

Room service was great. Food was always hot and good. I was really impressed. Drinks by the pool are also really fabulous. Try the Bananarama. Yum...

I would definitely like to go back here and spend more time. Port Douglas is a really nice town, but it is tempting not to leave Sea Temple. Give yourself some time to explore the area, but also thoroughly enjoy the hotel.

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Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas
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