Still a home to Mr. Valentino's ghost A review of Santa Maria Inn

Just a follow up to my visit there on April 4, 2003...I recently wrote on my previous experience at the Santa Maria Inn heavily influenced by the fear and confusion that I felt due to the paranormal interaction that I had. Upon further research into this experience I have changed my review on the Historic Inn, and have now based my review on if you are interested in the paranormal or not. I have found out that Rudolph Valentino, a film star from the 20's, used to stay at the Inn regularly...and still does. He stayed in a room on the same floor that I stayed in when I went to the Inn in 2003. There have been numerous reports of similar experiences as mine. Apparently, it is said that Rudolph loves to lie down on the beds and that was what I felt when my body was held down on the bed by an unexplained pressure. There have also been accounts of Mr. Valentino sitting at the head of the bed. If you are interested in the paranormal, then I highly recommend a stay at the Inn and maybe Mr. Valentino will pay you a visit.

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