Stick With The Coffee Not The Hotel A review of Millennium Maxwell House Nashville

We recently stayed in this hotel for 3 days. We had 2 very unclean rooms. My sons white socks were almost black from the dirt after only a little while walking on the carpet, and this was in both rooms, there were also peanut shells under the bed. The air conditioners were emitting a sewer odor that the manager didn't even investigate. And lastly the person checking us in told us calls were $1 for the first half hour and 10 cents a minute thereafter for local AND long distance, yet the bill for the 2 rooms was $127 at check out. When we complained to the manager she said the clerk made a mistake quoting the rates like she did and offered to cut the bill in half. Considering it was the clerks mistake, I refused to pay any more than the original quote which she eventually agreed to. There were also other problems with the staffs lack of organization.

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Millennium Maxwell House Nashville
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