Step back into a more genteel time with family A review of Skytop Lodge

We had heard from friends that Skytop was the ultimate family vacation and we were not disappointed. The Resort is a throwback to a time when standards of behavior, gracious dining and appropriate dress were the norm. While not stuffy, you won't find folks in flip flops and moo moos strutting through the lodge. Gentelmen and boys must wear jackets for the five course evening meal, ladies must dress appropriately. While the 90 minute evening meal was tough with a two year old, there were many families in the dining room so two year old antics were tolerated with grace. Older children, however, are expected to behave appropriately. We went this summer and there were seemingly endless things to do at Skytop...archery, lawn bowling, croquet, swimming (2 pools), rowing on the lake, lake swimming, horseback riding, hiking, golf, mini-golf, crafts and face painting for the children, etc. There is even movie night on Friday's and a traditional "Grand March" on Saturday evenings. The staff (all staff at all levels) were gracious and accommodating. Our only complaint was that we couldn't stay longer. The price is about what you'd pay at Disney World about $2500 for two adults over a holiday weekend), but all meals and most activities are included. We look forward to returning when our little one is a bit older so she can participate in the "Camp in the Clouds" program. This is not your typical Pocono resort with tacky champaign hot-tubs and sleeze. Skytop is first rate and entirely family appropriate.

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