Stayer beware! A review of Billings Hotel & Convention Center

I was surprised and a bit disappointed in our two night stay at this hotel. I called and reserved a room with two queen beds and upon arrival had two full-sized beds. Unfortunately, my son is well over 6'3" and needs the extended room to lay down comfortably. I was told that they didn't have any queens left and upon my telling them that I'd like my money back and I would find other accommodations, they found rooms that were not used "often". I am happy to say the room looked and smelled clean. The drawers on the dresser continuously rolled open but with some folded paper shoved in the corners we were able to keep them closed. The shower was an experience. There were no "no-slip" strips or anything to prevent a slip and slide experience in the tub and if you have a little difficulty waking up in the morning, the water was great! The water varied between very hot and ice cold at the blink of an eye - but this was also survivable due to the fact it woke you up in a big hurry. If you are looking for a place to relax and you do not have very young children, the pool area is not the place to go. It does have a water slide and there are kids romping and playing all over, parents were rarely in attendance to keep track of the little guys. You are not able to get in and swim and have a small workout. The hot tub may have been nice but it was not working and kids were bringing sand from the sandbox outside in to help fill it. I was disappointed to see that the young hotel staff in attendance did not see this as a problem. I guess my final observation is that the hotel charges for all telephone calls - local, 800 and all phone card calls was to the tune of $.50 per call. I wouldn't object but it wasn't posted anywhere. You found this out upon checkout, plus they charged $2.75 for each night to help pay for the increase in fuel and electrical costs. At $80.00 per night, though and the fact that I was not able to have a hot shower or relax in the pool, $2.75 seemed a l

onnection! When I asked the desk clerk about the phone calls, all she could do was shrug and tell me it is usually posted in a review book in the room and people sometimes take these.

Otherwise, the trip was great!

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