Stayer beware! A review of Quality Inn & Conference Center

This hotel was booked as part of a package from White Star Tours. The hotel was not ready when we arrived (approximately 3:30 pm). There were not enough table and chairs for our group at dinner time.. people were left standing with no where to dine. We had the same problem the following morning with breakfast...not enough room, not enough plates, cups, not enough chairs and no coffee until about 30 minutes after the food was brought in. The first morning the breakfast was delicious with choices of fruit among other items. The rest of the mornings there was no choice and if you arrived 5 minutes after opening time there was no food and usually no coffee. The pool was closed for the entire 5 days we were there. Forget free newspapers.....they didn't even have enough to purchase one at 7:30 in the morning! The rooms were not clean and the air conditioning was not very effective. FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO STAY!

Thank you for your comments. You indicated that your stay was in May 2007, yet the comments, provided 2 months later, make it very difficult to rectify any perception of inadequate service that you had of your visit. As with any product or service, it is most beneficial to call attention to it immediately.

Having said that, your White Star group was scheduled to arrive between 7-8 p.m., and that was the time that we were expecting you, along with 2 other large tour groups. The unannounced change of plan and early arrival by your group leader caused some logistical delay, but my understanding is that all of your rooms were ready within one-half hour of arrival.

The meal schedules for our many tour groups are determined by White Star and then, we hope, communicated by the leader to the group. During your visit we had 3 tour groups with over 100 people. More than adequate seating space was reserved; however, experience shows that groups do not commingle and that many times 2 or 3 people from a group take a table, and folks from other groups do not then sit with them. We encourage the groups to mix, but cannot control where people decide to sit. As for the buffet, the hours of operation are 6:30 to 9 a.m.,with food being continually replenished. I am sorry that you feel that you did not find enough to eat.

The pool was closed for 2 days during your stay, when a guest had an accident and we had to close, clean, drain, refill, and sanitize for the safety of all guests and staff. We tried to do this with minimal inconvenience for all, with an eye to getting the pool open as quickly as possible.

Our housekeeping staff and supervisors constantly inspect our rooms, and are graded on those inspections both internally and by our brand affiliation. To date we have not failed an inspection, but I am sorry that you found your room "not clean." I would urge you in the future to immediately alert management to any condition so that steps may be taken to investigate and rectify promptly.

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