Stayed in the jacuzzi suite for new years.... A review of Lakeside Inn and Casino


So i read some bad reviews here, and figured it was the normal uptight soccer moms at work, and i think it was. We got a jacuzzi suite from Dec 30-1st for around 300 per night which was a great deal considering lousy motels were charging 200+. I was thinking it might look really cheesy and dirty on the drive from LA but when we got there our jaws dropped. Going in with low expectations really worked out well. The room was huge and had anything you and 4 of your friends or family could need.

We stocked the bar and were happy to find about 50 glasses in the cabinet. The room has a nice round wood dinner type table near the bar that we played cards on. There are 2 TVs in the room. We hooked our Ipod up to the crappy clock radio, but it didnt really cut it. This room should have a nice bose type CD player/radio i think but it doesnt.


Very medium sized which means if you want a sea of slot machines go somewhere else, but if you want a good selection of slots and all the table games you might like to play, they've got that. The dealers are all nice and the limits are pretty low, even on new years. Drinks were $2 around the clock. The poker room is small and cozy, no bright lights or anything like that. The players are likely locals and pretty good so dont walk in like some big shot (not that you should do that anywhere).


First off the place isnt fancy or anything but its not trashy or anything. It looks like any ski lodge, lots of wood and old photos and that sort of thing. If you think a bunch of shiny gambling advertisements and hooks are nice then you need to go to Caesar's or something. The check in was fast and easy and all of the rooms seem close to the hotel, so the fact that theres not an indoor pathway to your hotel doesnt really matter that much when you've ever stayed at a big fancy hotel where you walk down a mile of hallway to get to the elevator just to walk a mile more to get to some action.


The restaurant (i can only speak for breakfast) was delicious. Everything tasted like they actually considered themselves a restuarant and not a casino cafe. I had the prime rib for $8.95 and it was probably the best under $30 prime rib ive had. Everyone at my table loved their food too. Cheap and great, whats not to like? I would suggest stopping in just for the prime rib. The decor is again very ski lodgy and if its snowy outside why would you want to stay in a skyscraper like Harvey's or Harrah's or to a lesser degree the souless Horizon. I stayed at the Horizon a few years ago and lost my shirt and was surrounded by the ugliest decor while doing so.


This place is NOT A DIVE. Its nothing fancy either but what passes for fancy these days seemed canned and souless anyhow. Im not sure why the other hotel/casinos dont make their Tahoe properties more Tahoe-ish.

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