Stay The Hell Away A review of Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center

This is the most unapologetically ghetto, poor service, unorganized hotel that I have ever stayed at in my whole entire life. I kept having to change my door key, because the ones that they were giving me weren't working. The staff was absolutely horrible. My girlfriend tried to call me, and when the phone was finally answered after it rang 20 times, the guy picked up the phone and said, "hello", not mentioning the hotel name or anything. Left my glasses behind, called back to get them and they said they had them. Called back again, they said they didn't have them. Toilet got stopped up on my first night there. I should have known from then on that I was staying in a hell hole. Staying in this hotel cost me hundreds of dollars more than if I would have stayed somewhere else more expensive. STAY THE HELL AWAY. DO NOT GO!!! SPEND THE EXTRA 40 OR 50 DOLLARS AND STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE. TRYING TO SAVE MONEY BY STAYING AT THIS PLACE IS NOT WORTH IT!!! IT WILL ONLY COST YOU MORE!

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Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center
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