Stay somewhere else A review of Temecula Creek Inn

I came to the Temecula Creek Inn expecting to have a peaceful and relaxing stay. I can say that this did not happen. We arrived to no heat in the room. Heater was not working- we sat freezing until it was fixed. When it was fixed it was so loud every time it went on it would wake us up the first night. The toilet ran every 30 minutes or so. That was our first night. Shower was so small you could barely raise your arms without hitting them on the wall. In the morning we called for room service. The phone rang many times before it was picked up, then I was put on hold. I held for at least 10 minutes before hanging up and going to breakfast elsewhere. The second night we turned off heat. Shut the bathroom door as to not hear toilet running. We thought we would get some sleep that night but at 2:00 in the morning some people checked in above us. They were yelling, Kid jumping off of beds and using lots of profanity. I called the front desk to complain. They were to send down security. Security never came and we were finally able to fall asleep somewhere between 4:00-5:00 in the morning. I called the hotel manager he never returned my call. The view was beautiful and the rooms were clean. That is all I can say to the positive. I recommend going elsewhere.

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