Stay Somewhere Else! A review of Embassy Suites St. Paul - Downtown

This was one of the most disgusting hotels we have ever stayed in. The indoor courtyard is beautiful, but the hotel room had large areas of peeling paint which my 15 month old daughter was picking at every time she saw it. The glass doors on the tv cabinet were broken off and laying in the bottom of the cabinet. We had the very unfortunate experience of getting the stomach flu during our stay and the hotel staff did not clean our toilet for 3 days even though they "pretended" to clean the room. It was quite obvious the toilet was never even swished out with a brush. This was some of the worst housekeeping I've ever experienced. And at $140 a day (including tax), the watered down alcohol at the manager's reception hardly make up for the steep price. Pay a little more and stay at the St. Paul Hotel - I wish we would have, and next time we will! Also had the most expensive hotel laundry facilities I've ever seen - $2 for wash and $2 for the dryer!

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Embassy Suites St. Paul - Downtown
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