Stay here was a surreal disaster A review of Embassy Suites St. Paul - Downtown

We stayed here for a night during the MN State Fair last year. What a DISASTER. First, my two friends, young daughter, and I go to our suite: there's a couple in there already--naked, smoking in bed, obviously enjoying some post-coital bliss. We back out, go back to registration, complain, get another room. The next morning, I go to pay the bill: there are charges for two porn movies on our bill. I tell them we did not watch porn movies--they refuse to take the charges off our bill. I get upset and tell them there is no way we watched porn movies, we have a young child with us. They basically tell me to get lost. I go back to my husband and friends, I'm practically in tears, my husband has to go and demand to talk to the manager and refuse to leave the front desk until they take the porn movie charges off our bill. It completely ruined our trip down to the Twin Cities, having to deal with the crap and the unprofessionalism of the staff. What a bunch of idiots. Since then, I've refused to stay there, I prefer to stay elsewhere and pay a little more, with the assurance I don't have to deal with people having sex in the hotel room I'm walking into or the front desk trying to force me into paying for porn movies I never ordered, and never watched. Ick, just remembering this experience makes me angry.

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