Stay here if you don't want sleep/can't smell/like bad beds A review of Days Inn

In my time I have spent some nights in some less than perfect hotels, but never once did I get out of my bed at 6am after a previously long day in order to go find myself a new place to hang my hat for a couple more nights. Read on and feel our pain...

This was a new experience in bad from the word go. The room was booked for us by a person who had never seen the place before but had been told it was good when someone had stayed there 15 years ago. I know, I know, like mama said I shouldn't judge a book by its cover... But when we pulled up to the hotel and saw the faded "Days Inn" sign we both said, "Oh, this is going to be bad, isn't it?". Pulling into the parking lot didn't do much change our minds. The only thing that might have made it worse was to see that the rooms had exterior doors like a motor lodge. One of the 'awnings' overhanging an exterior entrance seemed to be caving in. Chain link and bushes in need of a trim surrounded the pool. Perhaps it was just past due for landscaping...

Checking in - There was one person on duty in the small, motel-esque front lobby which smelled heavily of deodorizing spray one might use to cover up something that died / someone smoking (but does not quite work). Chemical green apples, I would call it. This might not have been so bad if not for the fact that the one person on duty had to answer the phone to take reservations as well as checking everyone in. The line built up quickly with many families and young children who had been in cars for far too long and were looking to spend their energy NOW. When finally we checked in we were even happier to discover that our room was right outside the lobby... Right where everyone was coming and going and we could not even get to it because the hall was plugged with suitcase carts.

Room number 1 - a small handicapped accessible room, just outside the lobby as previously mentioned. Smelled of cigarette smoke and the showerhead was 3 feet off the floor. When we discovered that there was another hook for the showerhead, it was broken. We asked to change rooms so we could bathe.

Room number 2 - another small handicapped accessible room, just outside the lobby on the opposite side of the hall and immediately behind the lobby office. This one had a showerhead that we could move up at least. The nook to hang your clothing in was unfortunately (nothing against the handicapped) also made for someone in a wheel chair. At least lovely room #2 had a couple extra hooks someone had the thought to screw onto a board and into the wall at a higher level if you wanted to hang something long. In room #1 the dress I had brought hung from the low rack and cascaded across the lovely stained carpeting... Augh. At least it made me feel extraordinarily tall!

Furniture - Like its mate, room #2 had one queen bed, a TV center and two bedside tables with a phone and two lamps. Semi-modern 'Sauder' type fare. No coffee machine... I could have used some at that point. No chest of drawers to store things aside from the three that were in the TV center. Hole in the wall covered by an off-white plastic disk. The window screens looked like someone had tried to pry them away to break in. World's tiniest sink with a brown crack down the middle and to take up the available counter space, a tissue box covered in a 'china' enclosure. Bathroom ceiling was a drop type ceiling with rusting hangers. Again, the room smelled of smoke, even the towels in the bathroom smelled just...Wrong... Turning on the AC made things worse. Smelled like something was smoking a cigarette when it died in there. Did I mention this was supposed to be a non-smoking room? Decided to make do with it since we had traveled so long.

World's worst bed - This is by far the worst bed I have slept on. When my husband went to check it out by pushing down on the mattress with his hand you could hear the lovely "boing" from a spring. Perhaps it was coming loose? Well, aside from the sound effects it was hard, you could feel every spring and whenever either of us moved (trying to rearrange to find comfort) the whole thing would move all over, disturbing the other person and making great noises. My husband tried to get a couple more pillows to pad the thing out and make it bearable (the room came with two flat pillows) but was denied. Apparently they didn't have any to give out.

Noise level - Nothing against families with kids, but there were loads of them there that weekend. The hall was very noisy not only from the kids but from the many family reunions that occurred right outside our door (again, being so close to the lobby). At night the staff was constantly in and out of their access door (bang) to go back (bang) and forth (bang) from inside the office to outside to sit and smoke on the front stoop. They were also talking all night long. Can't say I blame them, they needed something to do.

6 am and the Internet - Went hunting for a new hotel since neither of us were sleeping or had slept that night. Tried to consult the wealth of knowledge on the Internet. There were only two outlets in the room. One to the right of the TV center (far away from the table and chair in the room) and one directly behind the bed where all the bedside lights and clock were plugged into a power strip type plug that was not three pronged so... Chose the one beside the TV to plug into and sat on the funky bed instead of at the table. I suppose it was just about as hard as the table anyway! (Do I sound bitter? Good, because I was, and more than that I was TIRED and bitter).

Connected to the Internet at a screaming 26 kbps, not enough to maintain a connection to the net as it kept dropping the line. Managed to get a page of reviews up before we were completely out of luck and found our next hotel on, only a stone's throw down the road and the same price for a much nicer set of digs. See the review under - Residence Inn if you're curious.

Think we just had a bad time? It was a fluke? There were others in the group that had been booked here... They were none too impressed either and asked why we had not warned them before they came down a day later. Checked in and asked to be away from the pool because it was noisy from the aforementioned number of kids. Clerk said, "Okay, no problem!" and promptly shipped them off to a room right across from the pool. Room #2, they were on the opposite side away from the pool. Apparently the rooms on the upper floor are more 'classy'. There was no drop ceiling in the baths of the other two rooms I saw. There were coffee makers - However the coffee maker was so covered in dust they were afraid to use it. The AC units gave off a similar smell to ours. They did not sleep at all from the hall noise and people banging on other people's doors at all hours to have a chat.

Summary - Noise, smoke, noise, bad bed, noise, no sleep... Get a different hotel.

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