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There were many approaches in crafting a review of Chester House Inn. I could have chosen to focus on the dreadful mattresses that seemed to be purchased for their sadistic qualities. Or, the breakfast that a not so finicky cat would find repulsive, or the ranting of one of the innkeepers of his disgust with corporate America and how much he has suffered at the hands of his former supervision. Of course, I could have also made water damaged ceilings and foul smelling rooms the highlight of this review. But I'm not. This review will focus on the behaviour that only an unhinged loon could bestow upon their guests. And what, you may ask, drove me to reach out to you, the B&B and Inn patron - a fire log.

Sitting on the couch at approximately 9:30 PM, after a full day of skiing, we were enjoying the company of another couple who joined us for the New Year's getaway to Vermont. We didn't mind the otherwise frigid temperatures kept at the Inn as we had a nice roaring fire to warm us. But as with fires of the past, this orange and red beast too soon turned in to a fraction of its former self and we once again felt the cold reminder of winter. What's that you say? You see where this is going. Well, move that coffee table out of the way because your jaw will appreciate a softer landing.

That's right, I requested, politely, additional fire wood. The response - "Sorry, firewood is expensive and we have an exact allocation for the season". In response, I offered to pay for the additional firewood; after all a couple of bucks should never stand in between someone's comfort and enjoyment. Besides, at this point it was freezing. "Sorry", says the innkeeper, "I'm not going outside to retrieve more firewood". Of course, being the brave soul that I am, I was willing to brave the cold and provide for my wife and friends. Once again, "sorry, we can't allow you to go behind the barn". At this point, I decided to try to appeal to his common sense, noting that it was getting very cold. In response, I got "what, you're trying to make me feel bad?". Suddenly, the innkeepers life partner walks in dragging bags of garbage behind him. "Paul" the innkeeper exclaims to his life partner, "these guys want more firewood". "WHAT!!?" exclaims Paul, "the common area is now closed. You only paid for your rooms now go to your rooms or get out", signalling to his life partner to refund our money, because he "couldn't bare to look at our damn faces anymore" at the same time exclaiming "I'm not cooking breakfast for anyone tomorrow, kitchen is closed" (by the way - breakfast is part of the deal). He then catapulted across the room and tore out the TV electrical cord from the receptacle, knocking over a floor lamp and telling us to "choke on it". Whatever that "it" is, one can only imagine.

As I'm sure you have already concluded, this is not a story about lumber or the current high cost of heating a house in Vermont, but rather deep rooted issues stemming from the outcome of one's personal choices and ensuing self resentment.

Needless to say, our New Year's weekend was completely ruined, having to bear with the confrontation and the possibility of additional attacks, both personal, or, I'm afraid to say, physical. If you are in search for serenity and are eager to explore what Vermont has to offer, try to avoid the Chester House Inn. As a frequent visitor to this part of the world, I assure you that this is not the experience you are searching for.

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