Stay Away!!!! A review of Princess Bayside Beach Hotel

PLEASE read this and PLEASE save yourselves! Stay away from this insult to the hospitality industry.

We stayed here June 26th to June 28th, 2005. Room booked well in advance for a conference. This hole was recommended by the conference organizers. I will have their heads later.

At $169 a night (before the taxes), I figured, "well, it can't suck." Usually, I get a reliable modest room at the Fenwick Inn for $119 a night, but I decided to splurge.

We tried to check in a little early, but the snotty staff slapped me down quickly for my presumptuous request. By the way, when you get a room, check-in is 4PM (!!!) but you have to be gone by 11AM.

Management should have informed guests that a building is going up next door. By next door, I literally mean 12 feet from my window. The noise was deafening and started early (a little after 8AM). So much for relaxing in between my conference duties.

The AC was desultory and noisy and the room, although it seemed new, had some rust/mold already in the shower/ bath. Like some tunes or an alarm to wake up? Forget about it. No clock radio.

Next morning my companion and I descended to the depths, oops, I mean the "restaurant" named Finnegan's for some breakfast. After waiting quite a bit, a reluctant guy walked over and sat us at a food-encrusted booth. Finnegan's is overall pretty dirty. I do recall him grunting when we chirped "good morning," so he got points for acknowledging our humanity.

After some minutes, a charming but lost Russian girl came out to serve as our waitress. She took our order for a simple breakfast and so we sat. A customer leaving as we ordered warned us about the garlic in the home fries and the service. Like fools, we ignored this well-meant advice.

Also, other customers were coming in waiting to be seated, as the sign directed. Most left after being ignored, but one lady lasted long enough to be plopped down. She was ignored for ten minutes so she left. I wished we had!

Oh well, I figured, be a nice guy, good things come to those who wait. Wrong, I had four sausage links with my breakfast, that tasted funky, but I was so hungry I rationalized and ate them. The eggs were as garlicky as the home fries, by the way. The grunting host came by with a lone plate of eggs and said "You order eggs?" We said "no" and he actually curled his lip! I think my companion was afraid of him.

So, we paid and left. From entering to leaving was 45 minutes. Within two hours, I had a queasy stomach, but made it back to the room that afternoon (the room wasn't cleaned until 2:30). I spent the night sitting on the toilet and moaning. I felt sick for the rest of the night and much of the next morning.

Next morning, with hammering and power tools providing a counterpoint to my headache, we wondered if perhaps a late check-out would be possible, as I was working the conference until about 1PM. I called the desk. could it be done? "No." Well, maybe an hour? "No. Never." Please? "No."

May I speak to the manager? "There isn't one." (Possibly true, from this train wreck of an experience.).

We went down the elevator with some other conference attendees and hotel guests who were also shocked at how bad their experience was, how rude the staff was, how bad the food was, and just how sloppy the Princess Bayside is.

The Princess Bayside provided one of the most abjectly bad lodging experiences in my many years of business and leisure travel. At least with my other experiences, I paid well under $100 a night to get abused. This was a top dollar assault. Oh, and they charge for a room safe, $1.00 a day, even if you don't use it. Nice final insult. I asked for a manager, and a with-the-program sullen teen said they weren't around right now.

Breakfast? Next door and cheaper at the VERY delightful Satellite Café. Highly recommended. In and out in 25 minutes

Ocean City as a whole should be ashamed that this place exists and that they take money from people in the guise of hospitality. I have always enjoyed my annual trip to Ocean City, but I see no good reason to return because this dump, this atrocity, left such a bad taste in my mouth.

Upon reviewing the issues that the Trip Advisor Member brings up, we have no record that the guest notified us of the housekeeping and maintenance concerns in the room. Had the guest done so, we would have promptly sent a Housekeeping Supervisor and a Maintenance staffmember to the room immediatley to correct the situation to the guests satisfaction and/or moved the guest to another room.

Unfortunately the hotel does not have any control over the construction taking place next to us. The construction site operates within the city ordinances pertaining to noise control. We have been advised that the construction will be completed in the fall.

The guests experience in our restaurant is being reviewed among all of our Food & Beverage and Kitchen staff. Clearly there were training issues and we have improved customer service significantly in this area.

The .99 cent Safe Fee, 4PM check-in and 11AM check-out are all hotel policies which we advise guests of when making thier reservations. It is also printed on the confirmation sent through the mail.

The guest's reguest to speak to a manager was made at check-out and was given inaccurate information by an inexperienced staffmember, most likely the manager may not have been on property at that moment but is available to guests on a regular basis.

We strive to offer the best in customer service to all of our guests and hope to have the opportunity to respond to any issue a guest has during thier stay. It is our hope that these isolated incidents will not soil this guests image of the Princess Bayside. Again, we have been in contact with this guest to repond to the issues directly.

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