Stay Away A review of Crowne Plaza City Centre

I have visited Amsterdam about a dozen times in ten years. I have stayed at numerous 4&5 star hotels. January 2004 was my first and last stay at this crowne plaza.

Upon check in there was no bellboy present, so I had to lug my suitcase to the reception area myself. There were two clerks on duty and I was the only one in line. It took them about three minutes to acknowlege my presence. I had a reservation for a club room. The first room that they gave me had a bad odor coming from it. The second room had a similar odor, and of course none of the windows opened. Finally I was given a room that was acceptable. It had a king size bed. Not as nice as , Krasnapolsky, Victoria, Swiss, SAS Renaissance, Hilton, I could go on.

Next mrning I discovered that the ceiling in my bathroom had collapsed over the shower. I went down to the reception and explained what had occurred. The guest agen didn't really seem all that surprised or concerned. She called maintenance and had me wait. Maintenance called back about fifteen minutes later to say that they didn't know where the leak had come from and that it would be best if i got a new room. I was then told non chelantly that another rrom would not be available untill around noon.

Later in my stay I got stuck in one of their elevators. I rang the bell and nothing. I then picked up the phone and was put through to the reception. I explained my predicament and they told me that it would not be long and that she was going to call someone. She then proceeded to hang up. After about ten minutes it began moving again. No apology and no explanation given.

On my third night. At around noon I called the front desk and asked if my room could be cleaned while I would be out for a couple of hours. I was assured that it would be. I was actually gone four hours. And when I returned with my guests my room was the mess that I left it in. I went down to the reception and demnded an explanation. The young clerk explained that they were very busy. She then told me that it would be another hour before my room would be cleaned.

The long distance charges are a complete rip off. I don't mind paying a higher surcharge to call from my room, but their prices are just completely out there. 25 minute call to North America was about 45 euros.

I would saty away, the Victoria, Krsanapolsky, Swiss, Renaissance, Marriot, are all much cleaner better staffed and better values.

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