Stay away from this place!!! A review of University Place Conference Center & Hotel Indianapolis

My two best friends and I checked into the University Place Hotel and Conference Center this past Friday. We arrived shortly after midnight as we drove from Chicago to Indianapolis for the weekend. We were impressed with the contemporary design of the interiors and really liked the carpeting used throughout the hotel. Unfortunately, we did not know that we would become very familiar with it during our entire hotel stay.

After a few attempt to gain entry into our room, the electronic door system finally allowed us into our room. We were in a hurry as our commute to Indianapoulous began a little later then we had anticipated. Thusly, we were scrambling to get situated and ready to go out for the eveing. The room was fine with interior design and architecture paralleling the design in the lobby. We especially liked the LCD television and mini-fridge in the rooms, which is very rare...but very much appreciated. The room was rather warm, so we adjusted the automatic climate control system in the room. We set up our laptops and tried to log on to the hotels wireless high speed internet service. My laptop found the available wireless network but we could not gain access. I then called the front desk to inquire about a guest log-in and password. I was told I would have to come downstairs and pick one up. I ran down to the front desk and the gentleman handed me a sheet of paper with the instructions to gain access to the network.

We then scrambled to get dressed and on our way. One of my friends commented on the room still being warm, even though the climate control was set to the lowest temperature with the fan speed on high. There was barely any movement of air from the AC and it was just blowing out room temperature air. We called the front desk and made them aware of this, but there was no follow-up or engineer sent up. It was never looked at and we were made to suffer until check-out.

Several hours later, we returned to the hotel approximately around 4:00am. Our keys would not work and we called the front desk who told us we would have to come back down to have them reactivated. We made the trek back to the lobby and handed them over to the attendant who rescanned them. We tried them again, but the keys were still not working. After a few minutes of sitting on the floor and my friends swiping the card repeatedly while puling and pushing the door, it finally scanned. Since we were exhausted we didn't bother calling the front desk or going down there a second time.

When we woke up around noon, the AC was still not working. We began preparing for the new day and left 2 hours later. After some shopping we made our way back to the hotel at 9:30pm. We arrived at the hotel at 9:50pm and made our way to our room. We then began to fumble with the inoperative door lock system again. After being out all day we were exhausted and I REALLY DID NOT feel like having to go down to the front desk. We called the front desk from the hall phone near the elevators. They told us we would have to come downstairs to have the keys REACTIVATED AGAIN. I gathered all of our bags and we made our way BACK down to the front desk. They rescanned the keys and sent us back upstairs. We tried the keys again and they were still not working. The usual red light that flashes on the key reader was not flashing and neither was the green light. We called the front desk and the young man said he would send an engineer up to our room. After waiting for 15 minutes, a man shows up and asks for my ID. Annoyed, I show him my state ID and he then swipes his card through the key reader. There was no response and he continues to fumble with it. He then says he will have to send an engineer to take a look at it. I replied "I thought you were engineering because the front desk attendant said he would send an engineer." He then said he was security. After mumbling something into his handheld radio he left us sitting on the floors outside our room surrounded by a days worth of shopping bags and melting ice cream that we had purchased to eat upon our arrival.

After having sat on the floor for an hour, I said I had enough and told my best friends that I would be waiting in the lobby until this is taken care I don't sit on public floors and walkways. After 20 minutes, My best friend called me on my mobile and said engineering drilled through the door locks and they were now in the room. I went up to the room and stepped over the shards of metal and wood chips into my room. The engineer took the locks and knobs apart and reassembled it after 45 more minutes. Since he was using the bathroom as his work station, we could not get ready to go out for the evening and had to sit in the room until he was done. We were running behind now and this whole ordeal wasted two hours of our time. He tested the lock with our keys and the lock would not work. He then tried it with his key and it worked. He advised us to have the key cards reactivated again for the 20th time at the front desk. We rushed to shower and prepare to go out and was finally able to get out of the room at 12:30am, which was record time. We stopped at the front desk on our way to the parking garage and had them reactivate the keys.

We returned 5 hours later and again made our way to the room. We swiped our cards and still no response. We were again locked out of our rooms. We called down to the front desk who told us to come back down to have our cards reactivated. We complained and she said that the engineers were gone and if she couldn't get us into our room, she would put us into a suite and have them gain entry to our room in the morning when the engineer returned...which really doesn't help us since our stuff was in the room locked up. She said the security person would meet us at our door. We waited for a few minutes at our door and he arrived to swipe his key into the reader. The door unlocked and we went into our still warm room.

In the morning, after being harassed by the front desk staff and housekeeping about checking out, we went to the front desk to check-out and to speak with the hotel manager. He apologized and said he would check on the lock and have engineering take a look at the lock. I told him that the engineer had already looked at the lock and the mess from his work was still on the floor to prove it. He offered to give us free breakfasts if we returned and to handle our reservations personally when we wanted to make them. I told him I would never be returning to the hotel. I then asked him and the other front desk attendant why I would ever consider staying at this hotel when I can't even get into my hotel room. If I wanted to spend most of my time on the floor, I could do it outside for free.

This has to have been the second most horrible hotel experience I have ever had. I will never consider this hell-hole of a hotel again, and I will make sure this experience is well circulated amongst all the travel websites as well as with my corporate travel agents at work. No one should have to go through this as a guest with no amends being made afterwards.....they didn't even offer to comp the breakfast on a return to the hotel? They must be out of their minds to even think that we would be insane enough to subject ourselves to these conditions and treatment a second time.

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